Panegyrici Latini

Diederik’s initial interest in imperial biography, gradually led him to historiography and panegyric in the Later Roman Empire. He is currently working on the text of Nazarius (the speech to Constantine from 321 AD), on which he will produce a commentary, with translation. He presented several talks on the subject (two of them at the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, in Tübingen 2015 and London 2017), some of which have been published as book chapters and articles. Diederik is working on this project as part of the Panegyrics Project, coordinated at the University of St Andrews, by dr. Roger Rees, and Liverpool University, by prof. dr. Bruce Gibson. In 2018, his co-edited book, with dr. Alan Ross of Southampton University, on praise and Roman emperorship will appear at Brill publishers.


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