Diederik Burgersdijk is lecturer of Classical Languages and History at Radboud University at Nijmegen and teaches Latin and Greek languages at the Cartesius Lyceum in Amsterdam. Besides these activities, he is a visiting scholar at the Allard Pierson Museum and frequently acts as a moderator of Spui25, the cultural and academic centre of the University of Amsterdam, right in the heart of the historical city centre. Since 2016, he is Chairman of the Dutch Classical Association (NKV). Diederik is a big fan of (pseudo-)Julius Caesar’s complete works, ever since he read it in class as an undergraduate. He is specialised in historiography and rhetoric in the Roman imperial era, about which he has published numerous articles in several languages, in international volumes and journals. In 2010, he took his PhD on a study about the Historia Augusta, a late imperial collection of Roman biographies of emperors.

Academic Positions


  • PhD 2003 - 2010

    PhD Classical Languages

    University of Amsterdam